Laser Cutting



CAD Cut’s laser cutting systems are an ideal solution for processing tough, challenging sheet or rolled materials. Our vacuum table based platforms offer automated motion control for consistent, repeatable accuracy. Variable wattage cutting heads allow us to precisely match the cutting beam to the material for excellent edge quality and rapid cutting rates. With nylons and other materials that easily fray, laser cutting can create a sealed edge that often increases productivity in downstream manufacturing processes.

Our cutting technicians are experts at producing optimized ply nesting layouts from client-provided or in-house developed CAD files, maximizing yields and minimizing waste from high-value materials. Large cutting surfaces let us accommodate a wide range of flexible and rigid substrates, and our computer motion control systems offer precise repetition of cutting patterns for economic production scaling from product development and prototype work through full-scale commercial volumes. After cutting, the finished plies can be assembled into custom ply kits to provide our customers with a single-vendor, single-SKU kit-based manufacturing solution.

CAD Cut offers a wide range of customized material management services, including raw material purchasing, warehousing, document control, quality assurance reporting, and final shipping from our facilities. Outsourcing their material management burden allows our clients to enjoy a simplified, lean supply chain.

• Specialized Fabrics
• Films
• Prepreg Composites

Want to avoid the high costs and overhead inherent with acquiring in-house cutting equipment? CAD Cut’s precision Laser Cutting services can provide you with a cost-effective outsourced solution to your ply cutting needs. Contact us at +1 802.223.4055 or through our website to find out more.