Knife Cutting



CAD Cut’s knife cutting systems combine customized vacuum cutting tables with computerized motion control to perform high-precision knife cutting on a wide variety of composites, technical textiles, specialized fabrics, and engineered materials. Working with CAD files either provided by our clients or designed in-house with client feedback, our cutting technicians are experts at nesting ply shapes in cutting instructions to maximize yields and minimize waste from high-value materials.

Our large cutting surfaces can accommodate wide incoming sheets or rolls of material for maximum efficiency, and our cutting services economically scale from prototype- to commercial-scale volumes. Individual plies can be labeled or bar-coded for easy incorporation into downstream inventory and manufacturing processes. Sets of plies can be combined into custom ply kits to provide our customers with an easy to order, easy to install single SKU manufacturing solution.

In addition to working with client-owned materials, we offer a wide range of customized material management services. These can include CAD Cut handling raw material purchasing, warehousing, document control, quality assurance reporting, and final shipping from our facilities. Outsourcing these material management functions allows our customers to benefit from a simplified supply chain and single-source part/ply kit ordering.

Knife Cutting
• Tangential knifes
• Wheel blades
• Punches

• Specialized Fabrics
• Films
• Prepreg Composites

Marking Options
• Text Labeling
• Bar Coding
• Pen Marking

Want to avoid costly capital expenditures on in-house cutting equipment? CAD Cut’s precision Knife Cutting services can provide you with a cost-effective outsourced solution to your ply cutting needs. Contact us at +1 802.223.4055 or through our website to find out how.