Supply Chain Management



CAD Cut’s outsource supply chain management services offer our clients customized solutions that streamline their manufacturing and business management workflow, reduce lead times, and simplify their logistics overhead.

Uniquely Positioned In The Supply Chain
As a contract material converter, CAD Cut has a unique view into our customers’ supply chains. Because we interface with both the raw material suppliers and the manufacturing floor, we’re experienced at balancing downstream production forecasts with upstream supplier inventory to coordinate all aspects of material sourcing, inspection, cutting, kitting, and shipping.

Purchasing, Shipping, and Inventory, Simplified
In addition to processing customer-owned material, CAD Cut can also purchase and store material for our partners as an outsource service. Our buying power in the marketplace often gives us a price negotiation edge with suppliers, and our on-site storage and freezer facilities allow us to purchase high-value materials in volumes that are unfeasible for end-use fabricators.

Working with the upstream suppliers, we take full responsibility for acquiring raw materials that match our partner’s specifications, inspecting it for conformance, and handling any returns for replacement or credits. Working with our downstream clients, we support efficient fabrication rates by maintaining safe inventory levels, ensuring that all documentation is correct, and shipping converted materials on-time and in a format that is easy to use on the factory floor.

Customized Solutions For Every Situation
We tailor our supply chain management services to the needs of our customers. If they already have materials in-hand, we can cut, package, and ship complete kits. If we need to purchase materials on their behalf, we’ll leverage our industry network to source quality materials at the best price. If they have special material needs, we’ll work with our clients to develop optimum procedures for cutting, kitting, and fulfillment. CAD Cut’s customized solutions allow our partners to benefit from a simplified supply chain.

Spending more time on supply and logistics than you are on growing your business? Let CAD Cut’s outsource Supply Chain Management services provide you with a custom-tailored solution. Contact us at +1 802.223.4055 or through our website to find out more.