Specialty Materials Cutting



CAD Cut’s precision knife and laser table cutting services offer manufacturers cost-effective outsource converting solutions for specialty sheet and rolled materials.

Contract Material Cutting
With over two decades experience using CAD-controlled cutting technologies, we know how to process a wide range of materials, from engineered materials to technical textiles to specialty films. Our table-based knife and laser cutting systems can handle nearly any flexible material in both prototype and commercial-scale volumes, allowing us to meet tight deadlines, hit close tolerances, and maintain excellent edge quality. We’re experts at nesting plies to maximize yields and minimize waste of our partner’s high-value materials, and we offer clean room environments for sensitive materials.

Precision Cutting Is Only One Of Our Outsource Solutions
In addition to precision table cutting, our comprehensive material and supply chain management services match incoming raw material levels with ongoing manufacturing needs, ensuring a smooth downstream flow of converted materials to keep factory floors active. Our buying power in the market allows us to get the best prices on commodity materials, and our on-site material warehousing minimizes transportation costs. CAD Cut’s ply kitting solutions give our customers single-SKU ordering and simplified cost modeling, simplifying their day-to-day business.

From low-quantity prototypes to commercial-scale volumes, CAD Cut’s Specialty Material Cutting services are your outsource solution for converting high-value materials for more efficient downstream manufacturing. Contact us at +1 802.223.4055 or through our website to find out more.