Multi-Layer Insulation

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Multi-layer insulation (MLI) blankets from CAD Cut provide custom-tailored cryogenic insulation solutions for aerospace, medical, and industrial markets that offer exceptional performance, ease of installation, simplified procurement, and unique affordability.

A Perfect Fit Every Time
The traditional approach to fitting cryogenic insulation around complex geometries involves manually cutting, layering, and taping fragile insulation material into place. Our approach eliminates hand cutting and installation issues by providing pre-assembled, custom-tailored blankets that are a perfect fit every time, saving time and reducing waste.

Starting with client-provided drawings or 3D models, our in-house CAD services design MLI blankets shaped for a precise fit and the desired insulation properties. Our automated knife-cutting systems interpret those blanket shapes and precisely cut layers of thin metalized films and spacer materials to those specific geometries. These materials are then assembled and individually packaged as finished MLI blankets.

Easy To Order, Easy To Install
In the procurement office, single-SKU ordering streamlines workflow, minimizes inventory, reduces the risk of material shortages, and simplifies cost modeling. On the factory floor, individually packaged MLI blankets offer fast, efficient installation with minimal waste.

Our manufacturing scale allows us to offer prototype, short run, and commercial-scale volumes of finished MLI blankets at competitive price points. Rapid turnarounds are possible when required by manufacturing schedules.

Benefits of MLI Blankets
• Custom-engineered to meet exact fit and performance requirements
• Cut-to-fit blankets simplify installation and eliminate manual trimming
• Single-SKU ordering simplifies procurement and minimizes inventory
• Easy prototyping for fast testing of new applications
• Individual blankets up to 49,920 sq. in.
• Aluminized thin films offer low emissivity (not greater than .035)
• Excellent radiant barrier performance
• Spacer materials matched to end-product needs
• Class 100,000 clean rooms available

Tight spaces and complex shapes slowing down MLI installation on your factory floor? Preassembled custom-tailored MLI blankets from CAD Cut can eliminate the need for manual cutting while providing a more efficient fit. Contact us at +1 802.223.4055 or through our website to find out more.