Material & Vendor Management



CAD Cut knows that successful companies never stop innovating. Our customized material and vendor management services are designed to handle the daily details of ongoing production needs and allow manufacturers to focus on developing new products and planning for the future.

Bridging Two Worlds
As a contract converting and supply chain services provider, CAD Cut serves as a supplier to our clients and a customer for their upstream material vendors. This gives us exceptional visibility across the entire manufacturing process and allows us to offer outsource material and vendor management services that reduce the daily administration and facilities growth overhead of our clients.

Comprehensive Outsource Material Management
More than just supply chain supervision, CAD Cut’s outsource material management services are a full suite of solutions designed to simplify the day-to-day workload of our partners. Our planning services monitor ongoing and projected manufacturing needs, inventory levels, and supplier lead times to match manufacturing demand with supply and ensure that the right amount of raw materials are in the supply chain at all times. Our quality management services inspects incoming material, culls out defects, and documents all aspects of material handling, keeping both quality and yields high.

Our risk management services evaluate the supply chain from top to bottom to identify potential bottlenecks and develop contingency plans to prevent production-stopping interruptions. Our inventory management services and onsite material storage capacity simplify the logistics of working with multiple vendors and coordinates inbound raw material and outbound converted parts. By handling the purchasing and storage of raw materials, our material sourcing services reduce the working capital costs to our clients and simplify their end-product cost modeling.

Complete Vendor Accountability
We demand the same high quality and reporting standards from the upstream material vendors that our customers expect from us, and our quality assurance systems screen incoming materials for defects and hold those vendors accountable for unacceptable material variances. If identified, we work to implement solutions to correct the variances and handle any charge backs that are due. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we challenge material suppliers to modify their processes to better support improved downstream manufacturing efficiency.

Doing Business, Simplified
By removing daily administrative burdens and capital costs, CAD Cut’s outsource material and vendor management solutions simplify the business of doing business for our clients and allow them to focus on growth.

Is the daily management of your business keeping you from planning for tomorrow? CAD Cut’s outsource Material and Vendor Management solutions can simplify the business of doing business for our clients. Contact us at +1 802.223.4055 or through our website to find out more.