CAD Cut CryoKits provide complete customized cryogenic multi-layer insulation (MLI) systems packaged and shipped in a simple to order, simple to use format that can lower labor and material costs while decreasing installation times.

Everything You Need In One Box
Our Cryokits are the single-source solution for cryogenic insulation applications. Containing wide-width co-rolls of aluminized film and spacer, cut-to-fit MLI blankets, and associated installation materials, each Cryokit contains everything needed for a cryogenic insulation installation a single package designed simplify your manufacturing process.

The wide-width co-rolls can contain up to four layers of reflective material and spacer, reducing the amount of time it takes to wrap straight-walled vessels. Tailored MLI blankets provide an exact fit for odd shapes and tank ends, eliminating the need for inefficient manual material cutting on the factory floor. Pre-packaged tape and material handling items ensure that everything needed for installation is in place and ready to go.

The Easiest, Most Complete MLI Solution
By removing the need for manual cutting and significantly reducing installation and inventory management times, our all-in-one kits reduce labor costs and scrap rates. Single-SKU ordering simplifies the supply chain, and our short lead times keep material and inventory expenses low. Compared to traditional methods, CAD Cut Cryokits provide the most cost-effective MLI solution in the market.

Benefits of CAD Cut Cryokits
• Custom-engineered to meet exact fit and performance requirements
• Wide-width co-rolls (up to 86”) offer improved efficiency
• Cut-to-fit blankets for tank ends eliminates manual trimming
• Tape, gloves, and other installation materials can be included in each Cryokit
• Single-SKU ordering simplifies procurement and minimizes inventory
• Co-roll material options available to match specific performance requirements
• Easy prototyping for fast testing of new applications
• Class 100,000 clean rooms available

Inefficient manual MLI installation methods sapping your bottom line? Incorporating CAD Cut Cryokits into your production process can speed up manufacturing rates while lowering waste and supply chain overhead. Contact us at +1 802.223.4055 or through our website to find out more.