Composites Cutting



CAD Cut is the market-leader in providing composite cutting, ply kitting, and material management services for Aerospace, Defense, Aviation, and Industrial programs.

It Starts With Precision Cutting
Through the use of carefully prepared CAD files, our high-precision computer-controlled knife and laser cutting systems convert a wide range of thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials. Large cutting tables can accommodate wide incoming materials for maximum efficiency, and our cutting and kitting services economically scale from prototype to commercial production volumes, matching demand.

Experienced Operators and Flexible Output
Our expert cutting technicians have nearly two decades experience nesting ply shapes in CAD files to get maximized yields from high-value composite materials. As part of the cutting process, individual plies are labeled or bar-coded for consistent ply kit assembly, reliable inventory management, and seamless incorporation into downstream fabrication processes. These custom ply kits provide our clients with an easy to order, easy to install single-SKU manufacturing solution.

Our AS9100C-certified production facilities are located in geographically diverse regions and offer converting redundancy with nationwide distribution reach. Combined, both locations feature over 50,000 cubic feet of on-site freezer storage and eleven environment-and FOD-controlled cutting rooms.

A Full Range of Value-Added Solutions
We’ve leveraged our experience working with time-sensitive, high-value composite materials to develop a full range of outsource material and supply chain management services. By transferring material planning, purchasing, inspection, storage, and scrapping processes to us, our clients benefit from a streamlined supply chain, simplified cost modeling, and reduced overhead costs.

Not all composite ply cutting and kitting companies are alike. Whether you’re in the aerospace, aviation, military, or industrial markets, we invite you to put us to the test and see how outsourcing your Composites Cutting, ply kitting, and material management to CAD Cut can help maximize your production rates. Contact us at +1 802.223.4055 or through our website to find out more.