CAD Cut is the premier provider of composite and technical textile table cutting and ply kitting, material/supply chain management services, and multi-layer insulation and aeronautical testing products. For over two decades we’ve brought together automated laser and knife cutting expertise, ply kitting services, and proactive material management to create outsourced precision converting solutions that give our clients real competitive advantages in the marketplace.

From prototype to commercial-scale volumes, our optimized workflow controls upstream costs and simplifies downstream manufacturing. Comprehensive supply chain integration leverages our buying power to source the right materials at the right price. Our experience nesting shapes and cutting plies ensures the most efficient use of high-value materials, and our innovative ply kitting and multi-layer insulation solutions are custom-tailored for easy installation on the factory floor. Combined, these services take much of the day-to day production management burden off of our customers, saving them money and allowing them to focus on what they do best.

CAD Cut’s cutting, kitting, and supply chain management services have been providing companies like yours with superior outsource converting and manufacturing support for over twenty years. Contact us at +1 802.223.4055 or through our website to find out how we can help you do more while spending less.