Offering custom-tailored outsource cutting, ply kitting, and material management services, CAD Cut provides our clients with intelligent converting and supply chain solutions that simplify business processes, increase efficiency, and save money.

Automated Cutting and Ply Kitting
Our automated table cutting systems perform repetitive cutting tasks with a precision and speed that cannot be matched by hand. Skillful shape nesting reduces overall material waste while maintaining tight tolerances, and downstream manufacturing quality benefits from increased part consistency and superior edge quality.

Our ply kits supply our customers with an all-in-one package containing all of the cut parts necessary for a given production step, eliminating the need for onsite make-ready work and its related equipment, staffing, and warehousing expenses. Incorporating ply kits into the workflow makes it easier to match material supply to production demands, keeping the manufacturing processes lean and flexible.

Outsource Material Management
Utilizing our material management services allows our clients to leverage CAD Cut’s buying power while reducing the burden on their in-house raw material purchasing, management, and inventory management infrastructures. When combined with our cutting and ply kitting services, this greatly simplifies the purchasing process and costing models of our partners. Outsourcing material converting and management services to CAD Cut allows our customers to grow their business without the need to purchase additional equipment, hire additional personnel, or expand their facilities to perform non-value-add manufacturing support work. This minimizes capital expenses and ongoing overhead costs related to new product development and market growth. By trading high fixed costs for a single variable service cost, our clients are able to enjoy increased efficiency and focus on their core business.

Looking to simplify your manufacturing process? Let CAD Cut’s expert table cutting, ply kitting, and material management services take the hassle out of the business of doing business. Contact us at +1 802.223.4055 or through our website to find out more.